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Why Gamdias Argus E4 Elite WH Mid Tower Cabinet?

The Gamdias Argus E4 Elite WH Mid Tower Cabinet has been known in the market alot and there are gamers that still makes them say yes we want this cabinet more than that of its competitors.

It is improved with a tempers glass at the side of the cabinet with a swing. Making it easy for gamers to put in the gaming components as when they need.

Thus also making the best budget cabinets to be bought at the best price.

This Gamdias Argus Mid Tower Cabinet is made with a futuristic look and a modern appeal. This makes it to be stand out from the rest of the cabinets in the market.

An eye appealing that causes the buyers to buy in a go. We at offers to customers this product at the best price.

Gamdias Argus E4 Elite WH

When it comes in terms of the tempered glass, yes it is made to a swing door so that you can open and close any time when you need to change the components in the cabinet.

This tempered glass also comes with a point that makes it durable, strong so that it does not break in daily use. Even if it is struck by something hard by accident.

This durability is needed for hard core gamers and this product is the best for them.


About Gamdias Argus Mid Tower Cabinet

This Gamdias Computer Cabinet having a tempered glass is also meant to be scratch resistant. Making it have less scratches from daily use.

This gives you the advantage of seeking the components inside clearly.

You can watch for which computer components are causing problem and the ones that are not.

Also tempered glass makes the cabinet look more stylish that other modern cabinets in the market.

The features that makes this Gamdias Computer Cabinet more special is that, it is an Elite version of the Argus series.

Now this means that this cabinet comes with more spacious area inside it. Thus being 15% more than that of it’s predecessor.

This space makes it more easy for gamers to add high end CPU coolers in the cabinet.

Thus helping the cabinet to have a better cooling system so as to make the system run efficiently in work time and in play time as well.

This Gamdias Computer Cabinet having more space gives you the advantage to add more VGA cards of up to 340mm and PSU of 180mm.

About Gamdias Computer Cabinet.

We at offers to you a wide range of Gamdias computer Cabinet and with this you can avail it at the best price.

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With this you can also go for the Gamdias Talos E2 Elite Mid Tower Cabinet.

  • The TALOS E2 Elite mid-tower again features the trapezoidal tempered glass front panel and eye-catching trio of 120mm ARGB lighting fans.
  • With the new side swinging magnetically closing tempered glass side panel to top any extravagant ARGB battle station.
  • With 3 Built-in 120mm ARGB Fans in front and 1x 120mm Fan in the rear, the Cabinet also supports configuration of 2 x 140mm / 2 x200mm in front and 2 x 120mm / 2 x 140mm fans on top.
  • It supports 120mm /140mm radiator at the rear, 360 mm / 280mm radiator in front and a 280mm/240mm radiator on top.

With the Gamdias Argus E4 Elite WH Mid Tower Cabinet having a much better space, you can install best CPU Coolers in the cabinet as well.

With this Gamdias offers the best CPU Coolers in the market, and you can attain the same here in as well.

One of the coolers you can order online today is the Boreas E1 410 Lite RGB

The Gamdias Boreas E1 410 Lite RGB CPU Cooler is GAMDIAS’s entry-level high performance CPU air cooler with fixed RGB lighting.

The Gamdias Boreas E1 410 Lite RGB CPU Cooler features all of GAMDIAS cooling technologies while keeping the product highly competitive.

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