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AMD FX 4-Core Black Edition FX-4300 3.8GHz Processor


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Get the AMD FX-4300, Quad Core 3.8 GHz Processor, black edition from Kharidiye.com at the best price. Best Features includes:

Brand AMD
CPU Manufacturer AMD
CPU Speed 3.8 GHz
CPU Socket Socket AM3+

Buy the best of AMD FX Desktop Processor Series from us.

About the item.

  • Frequency: 3800
  • Socket Type: AM3+
  • Power Wattage: 95

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About AMD FX-4300, Quad Core Product Description

More about AMD Desktop Processor

Enjoy Swift Performance

If you are looking for solutions to speed up your computer performance? Now is the time to give your computer a booster with the AMD FX-4300 3.8GHz Processor.

The AMD FX-4300 Quad Core Desktop Processor works on a frequency range of 3.8 GHz which enhances the performance of the system while running heavy applications.

The processor is equipped with AMD OverDrive Software feature to increase the efficiency of your device.

The AMD FX-4300 Quad Core Desktop Processor comes with DDR3 RAM and has L2 and L3 cache memory which lets you enjoy fast performance even when playing online games.

Compatibility and Additional Features

The AMD FX-4300 Quad Core Desktop Processor is a uniquely-designed processor that comes with Wraith cooler to reduces the noise of its predecessor.

The power consumption of this processor is 95 W, enabling the processor to operate faster without consuming a lot of electricity. The black-coloured processor works on both AM3 and AM3+.

It is made of high-quality material which enhances its durability and promises great performance for extended years of usage.

The AMD Desktop Processor has been liked by content creators and developers who can get it at an affordable price. The FX series is one of the best Desktop processor one can go for it.

Introduced in the year 2011, it was aimed for high end personal computer devices to compete against the Intel Core Desktop Processor. Especially the Ivy Bridge and the Sandy Bridge Architecture.

Being a Quad Core Desktop Processor, an important feature of the FX Processor is that they were all unlocked and overclockable, a feature usually reserved for the high-end K suffix SKUs from Intel.

Unlike their Intel Counterparts, the FX chips offered no integrated graphics, a feature reserved for AMD’s APU line of processors. However with new updates regularly in the architecture, the processor clock speed has increased that lead to an increase in the performance.

Equipped with AES Technology (Advanced Encryption Standard instruction set). It is an advantage for many because of its ability to improve the speed and security of applications performing encryption and decryption.

With this, customers in the market are always looking for an alternative of the product as well. That is why AMD offers consumers a wide range of Desktop Processor that meets up their demand as needed.

Among such is the AMD A8-9600 Desktop Processor. A 7th Generation Quad Core Desktop Processor best made for content and web browsing activities for researching.

One of the best thing about the AMD A8-9600 feature is the Radeon R7 Graphics Card that holds onto.

With the R7 Series, one gets to use all the powers they need in a PC. The AMD Radeon™ R7 Series graphics cards in the AMD A8-9600 are an ideal solution for everyday gamers looking to boost the graphics performance of their PCs.

AMD Radeon R7 Series GPUs in the AMD Desktop Processor deliver stunning graphics performance, from web browsing to video editing.

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