KharidiyeBasic Assembled Computer: Ryzen 7 4700s 8 core 16 Thread Processor, 16gb ram, 120GB SSD, 2GB Dedicated Graphics Card With WIFI


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  • Ryzen 7 4700s 8 core Processor, 120GB SSD.
  • 16GB RAM for powerful performance.
  • 2GB Dedicated Graphics card.
  • Normal Cabinet with 450W SMPS
  • This is Very Nice Build for Online Classes
  • WIFI Adapter Included With the Build

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Work with confidence in this powerful yet small form factor design. Buy the Assembled Computer AMD Ryzen 7 Powered by high-performance AMD “Zen 2” architecture, the AMD 4700S Desktop Kit that delivers superb performance.

The Assembled Computer AMD Ryzen 7 from Kharidiye Basics has been equipped with Ryzen 7. It can be equipped with other Ryzen Processors as well of Ryzen 3 or Ryzen 5. Depending on your requirement.

The AMD 4700S Desktop Kit aims to address common pain points consumers see when purchasing a system.

Integrated Hardware Root of Trust in every system-on-a-chip (SOC). Trusted Execution Environment helps protect data integrity.

Firmware TPM helps safeguard Cryptographic Keys AMD 4700S Desktop Kit Specifications:-

  1. Processor AMD 4700S 8-Core Processor “Zen 2” Architecture PCIE Slots 1X PCIe x16 Slot, Supports (x4 Gen 2 Signal) SATA Ports 2 M.2 SSD Slot No
  2. LAN 1Gbps I/O Ports (Rear) Display NO; Audio YES; USB3 3x Gen2 + 1x Gen1; USB2 4x Front Panel Header USB3 2x Gen1;
  3. HD Audio Header Power Supply Minimum 250W required.
  4. Suggest 300W or greater.
  5. Add on components, such as graphics cards, may affect minimum requirements.

Assembled Computer AMD Ryzen 7 Product Description

About Ryzen 7 Desktop.

When you get the Ryzen series processor, you can cross the work limit. You cam make your work complete quick and before time. The Ryzen 7 being the most powerful form of the Ryzen series, we at Kharidiye.com is offering our customers the best desktop series.

Lets know what’s with the Ryzen 7 processor.

  1. Ryzen 7 is the most advanced CPU from AMD with ground breaking technologies. Ryzen 7 is the answer to all your needs. From High Gaming to heavy load applications like Content Creating in films to web or CAD  development.
  2.  It empowers users with customization options, including unlocked multipliers for performance tuning.
  3. The Ryzen architecture contains the new AMD SenseMI technology, which intelligently optimizes performance while sensibly managing power.
  4. An array of networked smart sensors actuate to the millivolt and milliamp level inside the Infinity Fabric and work in unison to optimize power consumption intelligently, without sacrificing system performance.
  5. The ultra-large cache and 14nm FINFET technology aim to give Ryzen 7 users enthusiast-class performance with incredibly fast response times and application speeds.
  6. The Ryzen architecture has been developed by AMD for customers looking for future-ready technology. Ryzen 7 is the ideal CPU for high-performance tasks, ranging from gaming, streaming, workstation and more.

Why from Kharidiye.com?

Desktops utility is higher than that of any powerful laptops in the world. One just cannot substitute the work of any powerful desktop with a powerful laptop. It does not work that way.

That is why, we at Kharidiye.com offers  our customers the Desktops made best for all purposes. From medium work like content writing to high performance duties like Web Developing, High Video Content Creation, 3D Maya designs and more.

As Customer demands are not the same always, that is why we are here to also provide you the AMD Ryzen 7 4700s, octacore processor. 16GB of RAM and a 500GB of SSD. This power pack device would give you the performance you need in your everyday task work.

Also it is equipped with Coolmaster K501L ARGB 2 FAN Cabinet. For a better cooling feature. 

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