Canon PIXMA E3370 All-in-One Wireless Ink Efficient Color Printer (Black)

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Get the Canon Pixma E3370 All in One Wireless Printer from at the best price. Best features includes:

Brand Canon
Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi
Printing Technology Inkjet
Special Feature Duplex Print
Colour Black
Model Name PIXMA
Printer Output Colour
Maximum Print Speed (Colour) 4 ppm
Max Print speed Monochrome 7.7 ppm

About the item:

  • Printer Type- Ink Jet; Functionality – All-in-One (Print, Scan, Copy); Printer Output – Color
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi, Wifi-Direct,USB
  • Pages per minute – 7.7pages (Black), 4.0 pages (Colour) – As per ISO standards
  • Compatible Ink cartridge – PG47(Black), CL57s (Color) ;Page yield – 400 pgs (BK), 180 pgs (color) – As per ISO/IEC 24711 standards
  • Ideal usage – Home, Regular usage (150-300 pages per month)
  • Page size supported – 4.0″x6.0″ till A4 / Letter ; Duplex Print -NO
  • For installation or product related queries, please contact Canon support on: [1860 180 3366] Timings: 9:30am-5:30pm (Mon to Fri) post receipt of the product
  • Country of Origin: Vietnam



About Canon Pixma E3370 All in One Wireless Printer

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About Canon Pixma Colour Printer

In the digital age, a reliable and versatile printer is a valuable asset for both home and office use.

The Canon Pixma E3370 All-in-One Wireless Printer stands as a pinnacle of printing technology, providing unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

Whether you are a student, a professional, or a creative enthusiast, this printer caters to all your needs, ensuring high-quality prints, seamless connectivity, and user-friendly features.

Key Features of this Canon Pixma Computer Printers

  • Wireless Connectivity: Embrace the freedom of wireless printing with the Canon Pixma E3370 All-in-One Wireless Printer.With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can effortlessly print documents and photos from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, eliminating the hassle of tangled cables and promoting a clutter-free workspace.
  • All-in-One Functionality: This printer is not just a printer; it’s a versatile all-in-one device.It seamlessly integrates printing, scanning, and copying functionalities into a single compact unit, saving valuable space and offering a comprehensive solution for various tasks.
  • High-Quality Prints: Experience the joy of vivid and sharp prints.The Canon Pixma E3370 All-in-One Wireless Printer boasts impressive print resolution, ensuring that your documents and photos are reproduced with exceptional clarity and detail.

    Whether it’s important reports or cherished family photos, this printer delivers professional-quality results every time.

  • Mobile Printing Solutions: Thanks to Canon’s innovative mobile printing apps, printing on the go has never been easier.Utilize the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app to print directly from your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to bring your digital creations to life without the need for a computer.
  • Energy Efficiency: Canon is committed to sustainability, and the Canon Pixma E3370 All-in-One Wireless Printer reflects this ethos.It features an energy-saving mode, automatically entering sleep mode when not in use, conserving energy without compromising performance.

    This eco-friendly feature contributes to reducing your carbon footprint.

Applications of the Canon Pixma All In One Printer

  • Academic Excellence: For students, the Canon Pixma E3370 All in One Wireless is a reliable companion throughout their academic journey.It produces crisp and clear text for assignments, vibrant graphics for presentations, and high-quality images for project work, ensuring that their work stands out.
  • Professional Productivity: In the professional sphere, time is of the essence.The Canon Pixma E3370 All in One Wireless enhances productivity by providing quick and efficient printing, scanning, and copying capabilities.

    It’s ideal for generating professional reports, invoices, and marketing materials, allowing businesses to maintain a competitive edge.

  • Creative Pursuits: Creative individuals, such as artists and photographers, can rely on the Canon Pixma E3370 All in One Wireless to bring their visions to life.Whether it’s printing art prints, photography portfolios, or design mock-ups, this printer faithfully reproduces the intricate details and vibrant colors of their creations.
  • Home Convenience: At home, the Canon Pixma E3370 All in One Wireless simplifies everyday tasks.From printing recipes and coloring pages for kids to scanning important documents and making copies, it’s a versatile tool that adds convenience to various household activities.

Limitations of this Printer

  • Limited Paper Handling: The Canon Pixma E3370 All in One Wireless  has a relatively modest paper handling capacity.While it’s suitable for light to moderate use, high-volume printing might require frequent paper refills, which could be inconvenient for users with extensive printing needs.
  • Print Speed: Although the printer delivers excellent print quality, the print speed might not be the fastest in its category.Users requiring rapid printing for large volumes of documents might find the Canon Pixma E3370 All in One Wireless speed to be moderate, impacting overall efficiency in high-demand environments.

About Canon Computer Printers: Worth the Investment?

The Canon Pixma E3370 All in One Wireless Printer embodies the perfect blend of functionality, quality, and convenience.

Its wireless capabilities, coupled with the ability to produce high-quality prints and cater to diverse printing needs, make it a standout choice for individuals and businesses alike.

While it has certain limitations, its myriad features and applications make it a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking a reliable and versatile printing solution.

You can also attain the Canon Pixma G2010 Colour Printer.

  • Designed for high volume printing at low running cost.
  • Print, Scan & Copy.
  • ISO Standard print speed (A4): 8.8 images per mnute (mono) / 5.0 images per minute (colour).
  • Photo Speed (10.16 x 15.24cm): 60s (borderless)


5 reviews for Canon PIXMA E3370 All-in-One Wireless Ink Efficient Color Printer (Black)

  1. Rahul Khuranna

    Fast Wireless Printing! The Pixma E3370’s seamless Wi-Fi connectivity makes printing from my phone a breeze. No more waiting – just quick, efficient prints.

  2. Vishal Shah

    Excellent Print Quality! The E3370 produces sharp, vibrant prints every time. From documents to photos, the quality is unmatched. Perfect for my professional needs.

  3. Amit

    Compact & Versatile! This printer’s all-in-one design fits my small home office perfectly. Its scanning and copying features are handy. A space-saving and functional choice.

  4. Arun

    User-Friendly Setup! Setting up the Pixma E3370 was a breeze. The instructions were clear, and the printer connected seamlessly to my devices. Hassle-free installation.

  5. Deepak

    Moderate Paper Capacity. While the printer is efficient, it requires frequent paper refills during high-volume printing. Slightly larger paper tray would enhance user experience.

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