DELL 07NF62 240W DELL OPTIPLEX 390 790 990 3010 7010 9010 SFF POWER SUPPLY AC240AS-01

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Get the Dell 07NF62 240W Power Supply from Kharidiye.com at the best price. A 240W SMPS made best for Dell Optiplex 390 790 990 3010 7010 9010. Best features includes:

Part Number 7NF62 07NF62 CN-07NF62
Alternative Parts T5VF6 ,F79TD
Model Number AC240AS-01

About the item:

  • Model:AC240AS-01
  • MPN:AC240AS-01
  • Condition:Seller Refurbished

About Dell 07NF62 240W Power Supply

Technical Specifications
Manufacturer Dell
Input Current 4A
Form Factor Internal
Input Voltage 100 – 240V
Power (watts) 240-Watts

About Dell Power Supply for Computer/Dell SMPS for Desktop

When it comes to the realm of computer hardware, the significance of a robust and efficient power supply unit (PSU) cannot be overstated.

The Dell 07NF62 240W Power Supply stands as a testament to the integration of innovation and reliability, catering to a range of Dell OptiPlex models including the 390, 790, 990, 3010, 7010, and 9010 SFF.

Five Key Features of this Dell Power Supply for Computer

  • Robust Power Output: Boasting an impressive 240W power output, the Dell 07NF62 Power Supply offers ample energy to drive the components within your Dell OptiPlex SFF model.This robust power output is tailored to meet the demands of modern computing while maintaining efficiency and stability.
  • Compact Form Factor: Designed specifically for Dell OptiPlex 390, 790, 990, 3010, 7010, and 9010 Small Form Factor (SFF) models, this power supply unit perfectly complements the dimensions of these compact systems.The compact form factor ensures a seamless fit within the limited space of SFF cases.
  • Reliable Performance: The Dell 07NF62 Power Supply is a pinnacle of reliability, constructed from high-quality components that guarantee consistent power delivery to your computer’s internal components.This reliability is crucial in avoiding potential system crashes or hardware malfunctions due to power irregularities.
  • Advanced Thermal Management: Heat management is a paramount concern for any power supply unit.The Dell 07NF62 is equipped with advanced thermal management features that help regulate temperatures, ensuring optimal performance even during intensive computing tasks.
  • Safety Assurance: The power supply comes with an array of built-in safety features such as over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and short-circuit protection.These mechanisms not only safeguard the power supply itself but also protect your computer’s components from potential electrical mishaps.

Three Reasons this Power Supply Unit for Optiplex Stands Out

  • Tailored Compatibility: The Dell 07NF62 is tailored to fit seamlessly into Dell OptiPlex 390, 790, 990, 3010, 7010, and 9010 SFF models.This specificity ensures that you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues or intricate modifications when upgrading or replacing your power supply.
  • Enhanced System Stability: A stable power supply is the foundation of a well-functioning computer system.With its reliable power delivery and safety features, the Dell 07NF62 Power Supply guarantees that your components receive the consistent power they need to operate optimally.This translates to increased system stability and a prolonged lifespan for your hardware.
  • Efficiency and Performance: The Dell 07NF62 stands as a prime example of efficiency in power supply design.Its 240W power output caters to the demands of various components, ensuring that your computer runs smoothly, even during resource-intensive tasks.This efficiency not only enhances performance but also contributes to lower energy consumption and reduced heat generation.

About Dell Computer SMPS Unit

The Dell 07NF62 240W Power Supply exemplifies the convergence of reliability, efficiency, and innovation.

With its tailored compatibility, stable power delivery, and advanced safety features, it undoubtedly secures its place as an essential component for Dell OptiPlex SFF systems.

Whether you’re a professional seeking reliability or a casual user aiming for a seamless computing experience, the Dell 07NF62 Power Supply’s features and benefits make it a top choice that aligns perfectly with your computing needs.

We at Kharidiye.com offers to you the best of the best Dell Accesories as we are the authorised dealer as well as reseller of Dell Products in the market.

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  1. Vishal Kumar

    Dell 07NF62 Power Supply is a performance booster for my system, providing stable energy flow.

    Vishal Kumar

  2. Snehashish Das

    Compact form fits snugly, conserving space.

    Snehashish Das

  3. Usman Khan

    Reliability built in with quality components.

    Usman Khan

  4. Fulki Kumar

    Safety features ensure worry-free operation.

    Fulki Kumar

  5. Yasir Khan

    Perfect match for Dell OptiPlex, hassle-free compatibility.

    Yasir Khan