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Get the Dell ODY72N 250W Power Supply from Kharidiye.com the best price. Best features includes:

Model Name: dy72n
Brand: Dell
Compatible Devices: Laptop
Output Wattage: 250 Watts
Wattage: 250 watts

About Dell ODY72N 250W Power Supply

Warranty 30 Days
Part Number DY72N 0DY72N CN-0DY72N
Model DY72N 0DY72N CN-0DY72N
Compatibility Dell Optiplex 3010 7010 9010 DT
Power Supply Capacity 250W

About Dell Computers Power Supply

The Dell ODY72N 250W Power Supply is a crucial component in modern computer systems, ensuring stable and efficient power delivery to various hardware components.

It’s particularly designed to cater to the needs of Dell Optiplex desktop systems, such as the Optiplex 3010, 7010, and 9010 DT models.

Know about the SMPS for Dell Optiplex Desktop

  • Optimized Compatibility: The Dell ODY72N 250W Power Supply is tailor-made to fit seamlessly into Dell Optiplex systems, ensuring a hassle-free installation process.The compatibility extends to specific models, including Optiplex 3010, 7010, and 9010 DT systems, making it an ideal choice for users seeking to upgrade or replace their power supply unit.This optimized compatibility eliminates compatibility concerns and ensures that the power supply functions flawlessly with the existing components.
  • 250W Power Output: With a power output of 250W, this power supply unit provides ample energy to meet the demands of modern computing tasks.It is well-suited for typical office tasks, browsing, multimedia consumption, and light to moderate computing activities.The power output is sufficient for the specified Optiplex models, ensuring that they can operate optimally without any power-related performance issues.
  • Refurbished Reliability: The availability of refurbished power supply units like the Dell ODY72N 250W Power Supply ensures both cost-effectiveness and reliability.Refurbished units undergo thorough testing and quality checks, ensuring that they meet stringent performance standards.Opting for a refurbished unit allows users to enjoy the benefits of a reliable power supply without the premium price tag associated with brand-new components.
  • Advanced Safety Features: The Dell ODY72N 250W Power Supply comes equipped with advanced safety features that safeguard both the power supply unit and the connected components.These safety features include overvoltage protection, which prevents excessive voltage from damaging the hardware, and short-circuit protection, which safeguards against potential short-circuit events.These built-in safety mechanisms enhance the longevity of the power supply and provide peace of mind to users.
  • Efficient Cooling System: Heat management is essential for any power supply unit, and the Dell ODY72N 250W Power Supply is designed with an efficient cooling system in mind.The power supply unit is equipped with internal fans that ensure optimal airflow, preventing overheating and maintaining stable performance.Efficient cooling contributes to the overall longevity of the power supply and helps maintain consistent power delivery over time.

Know the Dell SMPS for Desktops

  • Reliable Performance: The Dell ODY72N 250W Power Supply offers reliable and consistent performance, ensuring that your Optiplex system operates smoothly and efficiently.The power supply’s compatibility with specific Optiplex models and its refurbished reliability make it a trustworthy choice for users seeking a dependable power solution.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Opting for a refurbished power supply like the ODY72N allows users to access high-quality components at a fraction of the cost of a new unit.This cost-effectiveness is particularly appealing for businesses or individuals on a budget, allowing them to upgrade their systems without compromising on quality.
  • Easy Integration: Upgrading or replacing a power supply unit can be a daunting task, especially for individuals who are not familiar with hardware installations.The Dell ODY72N 250W Power Supply optimized compatibility ensures a straightforward integration process, minimizing the risk of installation errors and reducing downtime during the upgrade process.

We at Kharidiye.com being an authorised dealer as well as reseller of Dell SMPS also offers to you the Dell K2H58 Power Supply for Optiplex

Brand Dell
Compatible Devices Personal Computer
Output Wattage 250 Watts
Wattage 250 watts

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  1. Kailash Jha

    Upgraded my Optiplex system with this power supply. Works perfectly, easy installation, and a budget-friendly solution. Great value for the price!

    Kailash Jha

  2. Ikesh Suraha

    Impressed by the refurbished reliability. Quiet operation and stable power delivery. My system runs smoother than ever. Recommend it!

    Ikesh Suraha

  3. Richard Singh

    Fits like a glove in my Optiplex 7010. No issues, solid performance, and the cooling system keeps it running cool. Very satisfied!

    Richard Singh

  4. Aarav Sharma

    Affordable way to boost my Optiplex 3010’s power. Improved overall performance and the safety features are reassuring. Worth every penny!

    Aarav Sharma

  5. Vivan Singh

    Purchased for my office computer. Noticeable difference in stability and speed. Saved money without compromising quality. A smart investment for Optiplex users.

    Vivan Singh