Panasonic KX-FP701 Fax Machine


  • Polling Function, Distinctive Ring Tones,
  • Uses Plane papper upto 50 Sheets
  • Extension line transfer.
  • Phone book 100 Station

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Telefax is one of the earliest means of modern telecommunication and still have a place in the market for its affordable means of sending and receiving information. Panasonic KX-FP701 Fax Machine is one such machine from the reliable brand that has given the world a wide range of house appliances and office utilities. You can perform all round functions of Fax, Copy, Scan and Print with this machine.

All in one

Panasonic KX-FP701 Fax Machine has a phone, a scanner and copier functionality in one single device. The navigator key enables the user to control volume and ringer level and the device has a 28-Page document memory and comes in handy when you have to broadcast multiple pages to multiple locations.  It has data transfer rate of 9.6kbps and transmits a single page in 12 seconds.  You can adjust the resolution to Standard, Fine, Super Fine and Photo as per your requirements on this machine.

Enhanced Copier

Panasonic KX-FP701 Fax Machine has unique copying features that allow you to enlarge (200/150%) or reduce (92/86/72%) and collate (sort) and print up to 50 copies with ease. The Quick Scan feature comes in handy and performs the actions of scanning and transmitting information from memory to the recipient almost instantly. The useful fax machine can broadcast the scanned material to almost 20 locations that you can enter sequentially into the machine.

Easy to use

Panasonic KX-FP701 Fax Machine is easy to use fax machine and has 2-line LCD Display to show the progress of the machine when in action. It shows the modes of operation, clock memory contents, lists of numbers dialled, delivery report etc. 

Good Quality Machine

The fax machine with warranty has good response timing and checks for errors while transmitting. If by any chance, the machine detects an error then it intimates the user about the error and resends the material for better quality.


Panasonic KX-FP701 Fax Machine is available with a warranty of 12 months and the brand takes care of customer satisfaction with this service feature. Read the instruction manual carefully to understand the working of the machine and do not forget to fill in the warranty card for availing this service feature.

Other Features

Other features on this all in one fax machine includes polling function, friendly fax reception, extension line transfer, 10-page automatic document feeder, 50-sheet paper tray, 1-6 one-touch dialer, phonebook 100-station, electronic volume control, handset mute and external telephone jack. It has a dimension size of 355 x 272 x 185 mm and weighs only 3.5 kg.

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Panasonic KX-FP701 is an excellent telecommunication fax machine that comes with great features suitable for a place bustling with work pressure. Designed for a busy and stressful atmosphere, this robust machine takes care of all the work in an office that needs scanning, copying or transmitting. This machine is available at at a very attractive price; place your order now and take this multi-tasking fax machine with you today. Hurry before we run out of stocks.

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