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About Gamdias Boreas E1 410 Lite

The Gamdias Boreas E1 410 Lite is meant for daily computer users across the world. Being associated with Gamdias. Let us know who Gamdias is and what is special about this Gamdias CPU Cooler.

Gamdias Boreas E1 410 Lite

Here we speak about the Gamdias and also to give you the Gamdias Boreas Review as well as why you should get it, if it suits your needs.

Gamdias is a well world renowned brand for manufacturing quality computer and gaming peripherals.

When it comes in terms of quality, it is known for its premium feel and looks as well. That gives the owner, yes it bought worth of money.

The Gamdias Boreas E1 410 Lite CPU Cooler is associated with Gamdias and that it offers one of the best performance in a desktop device to gamers across the world.

About Gamdias Boreas Review

The GAMDIAS BOREAS E1 410 LITE is GAMDIAS’s entry-level high performance CPU air cooler with fixed RGB lighting.

This makes it one ideal reason why it is one of the best for entry level gamers. So that they understand about the gaming components performance.

Being an entry level CPU cooler, GAMDIAS BOREAS E1 410 LITE features all of GAMDIAS cooling technologies while keeping the product highly competitive. So this makes it another reason for you to attain.

Being an entry level CPU Cooler from Gamdias, and offering you the best high level performance. I think, many wont say so much it respect to it’s performance and category.

Being an entry level CPU Cooler, it features GAMDIAS Heatpipe DTC (Direct Touch Contact) technology.

This allows the heatpipes to make direct contact with the CPU for unobstructed direct heat transfer.

Making it reliable for gamers to use their desktop devices with no worry on heating issues.

The GAMDIAS BOREAS E1 410 LITE comes with a fixed RGB high performance PWM fan.

This fan makes it look swanky and attractive for gamers who are in search for a CPU at a really affordable price.

Plug it into any PWM fan socket on the mainboard for instant Chromatic Lighting and auto fan speed control.

Being a CPU Cooler, lets say now there will be questions about its installation.

Well it is easy to install in the desktop as it comes with Gamdias Universal Mounting Kit for both Intel and AMD Chipset Platforms.

You can also know more about the Gamdias Boreas E1 410 Lite CPU Cooler from this video.

For more detailed information, you can know from here:

About Gamdias CPU Cooler

We at offers to gamers the Gamdias Boreas E1 410 Lite Cooler at the best price.

Visit us today to deliver it at your doorstep in a short span of time.

Along with this, we also offer other Gamdias Computer Components.

With this, you can also know about the Gamdias Aeolus M2-1201ARGB.

  • Exceptional Lightings for Victory
  • One Click, Sync All
  • A Neat Takeover
  • For All Legendary Gamers
  • Quieter, Longer Lifespan

Or you can also add the Gamdias Aeolus M2 1205R

  • The Gamdias Aeolus M2 1205R Radiator Fan is equipped with Hydraulic bearing for significantly reducing friction noise airflow to provide a quiet and ideal performance for your PC Build.
  • Designed with Daisy chain technology which allows user to add as many fans to the pc build based on the requirement by connecting multiple AEOLUS Box.
  • Customize the RGB effects of you own style and colour through compatible motherboard sync software, also can be done via included Remote controller.
  • The Remote controller can also be used to adjust the speed of the fan.
  • Add upto 8 fans and 2 additional LED strips to Aelous box for group lighting effects, which can be attached to computer case via magnet.
  • The fan uses 6 pin connectors and has 5V 3-pin Addressable LED RGB Head.

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